Who is G|F?

Jacqueline & Nick - standard.

Jacqueline & Nick - standard

GREEN | FINGERPRINT is Catherine Saunders and Jacqueline vonReichbauer (both nee Richelieu). We grew up in Glendale, a city just outside of Los Angeles. Our parents wouldn’t classify themselves as environmentalists, but they raised us in a home where recycling took place for as long as we knew, they drove cars until they could drive them no more, and clothes and toys never saw a trash can. Our mother immigrated from Argentina at the age of 11, bringing with her an adventurous spirit and our Dad ran several companies, including a few which he owned with Mom, so we can trace our entrepreneurial roots back at least two generations.
Catherine graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in history. She completed her Master of Science in Education at the University of Pennsylvania while teaching high school in West Philadelphia. Unfortunately, it was the same year that Jacqueline spent in Santiago, Chile, attending classes in Spanish and working for Endeavor – a company devoted to helping entrepreneurs in the region start their businesses – before returning to Philly herself to complete dual degrees in international studies and business at Wharton.

Catherine & Tom at the grill

Catherine & Tom at the grill

We went our separate ways: Catherine found a teaching and coaching job in San Diego and Jacqueline found work with a major bank. J stayed close to Philadelphia after senior year, so she could plan a wedding to her future husband, Tom. A few months after J & T’s New Jersey wedding, Catherine married Navy pilot extraordinaire Nick. Both of us relocated that summer: J & T moved to Michigan, where Tom took a job with Ford; C & N relocated to central California, where Nick had been restationed.

A few years later, J & T finally got back to the west coast and C & N had been re-RE-stationed in northern Nevada.

With the company up and running, and both of us living in the same time zone (at long last!), we’re loving life and just enjoying doing something that’s not only fun, but friendly (to the environment).


4 Responses to “Who is G|F?”

  1. Amber Bollinger August 26, 2009 at 1:56 am #

    Catherine! This is absolutely great! I love it. I had no idea. How long have you two been running this great company? You guys are amazing! Love it. Congrats.

    • greenfingerprint August 28, 2009 at 10:53 pm #

      Thanks! I checked out your website, and it’s incredible. I’ve seen the photos on facebook, but had no idea what you were doing – simply amazing. I especially loved the shots in Switzerland…

  2. mika October 14, 2011 at 6:43 pm #

    catherine!! i ran across your company’s blog via facebook and wanted to say hi! for the longest time, i had a couple of doodles/quotes you wrote on index cards hanging in my room…. i remember always admiring your handwriting and insights. now i’m engaged and have been looking at lots of various stationery/invites sites for inspiration. i plan on designing my own, but i’m still constantly looking at things, so i’m really excited that you and your sister have your own line! hope you’re well!! 🙂


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