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Summer Breeze: Makes me feel like finally writing

10 Jun

Hard to believe it’s been five months since I last wrote. Hard to believe how much can change in such a short period of time.

The Green Fingerprint Signature Letterpress thank you. Set of 6 : $14.00, includes shipping.

I recently had occasion to write lots of thank you notes, which are – by the way – kind of nice to write. In defense of writing thank you notes: (1) It’s therapeutic and, depending on what you’re thanking people for, cathartic. (2) The act of writing a thank you note implicitly requires a bit of selflessness. You’re not going to get anything in return, but you’re spending a minute thinking about how someone else did something nice for you. And let’s be honest: stamps are pricey. (3) It makes people feel good. I know I feel special when I receive a nicely written note, and who doesn’t love to get mail other than bills and invitations to kids’ birthday parties? (not that I don’t love those too, guys)

If I owe you a thank you, and you know who you are, I’m sorry – they’re on their way. Add this to the list of things I should do more frequently. Oh, and I’ll be using the GF Signature letterpress thank you notes. But don’t worry – I’m not expecting anything in return. Now go listen to some Seals & Crofts. It’s windy here, and this summer breeze makes me feel like finally writing.


Gratefully Green : Eco-friendly Hostess Gifts

25 Aug

Summer is a great time for parties. We’re invited to barbecues, Friday night cocktails and easy Sunday night dinners. Wine and flowers reign as go-to tokens of appreciation. However, I love the idea of giving something useful, inexpensive and eco-friendly. My friend, Kristen, brings an oversized mason jar filled with herbs from her organic garden, tied with twine. She’s also been known to churn out a fresh batch of homemade salsa or mint jelly, all packaged in her signature mason jars, which are both retro-chic and reusable.

Kristen Roy's Homemade Mint Jelly

Kristen Roy's Homemade Mint Jelly

Another {less labor intensive} option is to stock up on eco-friendly stationery. I love the idea of saying “thank you” by giving a set of chic thank you cards. My favorite place to peruse unique, handmade treats is Etsy. Check out this set of four thank you notes by Etsy seller laurabrownart, hand-colored and printed on recycled cardstock. Shannon Lowry of Round Robin Press allows you to customize your 4- or 8-pack of quirky letterpress cards, printed on plantable paper! You should also definitely check out the two most recent product listings on the G|F Etsy shop : sets of four letterpress thank you cards, printed on tree-free cotton rag paper. The sets include one of each of our kelly or black designs, and arrive to you exquisitely wrapped and ready. Not only are these gifts green, lovely and economical, but they’re sure to make your next host or hostess feel incredibly appreciated.

{Clockwise from upper left} Packaging for new stationery set :: Four cards included in "black" set :: Gift materials for "kelly green" set :: Four cards included in "kelly" set

{Clockwise from upper left} Packaging for our new stationery set :: Four cards included in "black" set :: Gift materials for "kelly green" set :: Four cards included in "kelly" set

Manic Monday : It’s just another…

25 Aug

When I don’t do much work over the weekend, it often seems like I spend Monday making up for the time I “took off” over the weekend. Normally I’m in need of a Lexapro by Monday night. This evening, however, I feel the way I do after ingesting a big bowl of boeuf bourguignon : full, satisfied and happy.

Today ended up being a great Monday – busy, but great. I caught up with a friend from grad school, met up with some of The Girls for an afternoon iced coffee, chatted with a satisfied client, finished work on a 50th wedding anniversary and worked on proofs for a new client. I also shipped some gorgeous place cards from our {Victoria} collection. They’re printed digitally on 110 lb recycled cardstock, and I think they’re pretty smashing. The day came to a close over sushi with friends. Maybe I do love Mondays after all, however manic they might be!

Victoria Placecards

Victoria Place Cards

Back to School (and Shoplifting)

20 Aug

My name is Catherine, and I’m a designer.

{Hi, Catherine}

Strike that. Let’s try this again :: My name is Catherine, and I’m a shoplifter.

{Hi, Catherine}

Two years ago, when Jacqueline and I toyed with the idea of starting a “written communications company” (J insisted “stationery” didn’t fully encompass our mission), I began researching design – our competition, if you will. So much beautiful work out there, so many unique perspectives – it just makes you want to get married all over again. Anyway, last summer, I came across Lucky Me!, the official blog of Lucky Designs, for the first time. So naturally I was thrilled to stumble upon it again today while doing some very necessary market research (also known as “surfing the net” or “procrastinating”).

Yesterday, Kathryn posted her take on the Back to School theme. It’s gorgeous, whimsical and – most of all – inspirational : those chalkboard place mats, the classroom bridal portraits, the lunchbox favors, the apples, the school bus, the Mead composition book. It’s enough to make a girl want to sharpen a whole slew of Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils.

So I’m a designer who shoplifts ideas. Stay tuned for my “inspired” invitation suite based on this theme. Thanks, Kathryn!

Kathryn's Back to School Inspiration Board, as found on the Lucky Me! blog

Kathryn's Back to School Inspiration Board, as found on the Lucky Me! blog

Hat in the Ring : Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers

10 Jul

So… we entered this Martha Stewart contest, which we believe is right up our alley. I mean, we’re women, we’re entrepreneurs, and we’re fabulous. ‘Nuff said! Only kidding. We spent a lot of time putting together (aka agonizing and obsessing over) our 250 word essay and our 2 minute video. Check it out on YouTube!

Time Warner + Recycled Invitations = GREEN

10 Jul

twcableWe shipped a custom order this week – modified from our Cosmopolitan Invitation. Time Warner Cable in North Carolina is hosting a ribbon cutting event for their new – and very green – Raleigh Operations Center. The invitations were printed on our 100% post-consumer 100 lb recycled paper. The centerpiece of this eco-friendly invitation is the oversized date in the lower left-hand corner, although we also included a corporate logo. We wish you guys the best of luck with the ribbon cutting. Thanks for going GREEN(fingerprint) with one of our recycled invitations!

The new site : Recycled Invitations, Announcements & Stationery

10 Jul

GREEN | FINGERPRINT has received a facelift. J and I spent six days working fifteen hours a day putting together the new site. We still don’t have all the functionality we want, but the site really showcases our work (thanks, in large part, to some fab pix taken by Jeek). We’ve gotten some great feedback on the music, which is by Mat Kearney, Tristan Prettyman and Regina Spektor.

Check out the new site!

GF's new website