An Exercise in Eco-Friendly Living

15 Jun

Over the weekend I discovered a new love in uncharted territory: running. I’m a swimmer, and swimmers have oddly flexible ankles and a little extra body fat for buoyancy (right?) – neither of which are particularly conducive to running. But some incredible friends asked me to be a part of their team for the De Celle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay, a 72-mile race around the lake, divided between seven runners. I had the 6th leg, which culminated with a nightmare hill up to Inspiration Point. I thought I was going to die, but almost as soon as I finished (slowly but surely), I wanted another shot at my training, that hill, and a race.

The Fallon Phlygirls from left to right: Shannon, Anna, me, Rebecca, Courtney, Karla, Mackenzie

It occurred to me today that running has to be an incredibly green way to get fit – no air-conditioning required. I just need some green gear to complement this eco-exercise. A little reading and research led me to Patagonia, a company passionate about quality gear, innovative materials and environmentalism.

Patagonia's sport skirt, made from "recycled polyester," which includes recycled soda bottles and unused second-quality fabrics.

A personal favorite is their Women’s Sport Top. Who doesn’t love a long tank with some extra room in the middle? And I’ll take a little corporate responsibility, and environmental consciousness with my order – check, check and check.

Oh, and while browsing the Patagonia site, “Crystal” – a customer service rep – popped up to chat with me, asking if I needed help finding anything. No, thanks, Crystal; but I appreciate the gesture. I’m waving at you from my run – outside and in my running skirt made partly from recycled soda bottles.


One Response to “An Exercise in Eco-Friendly Living”

  1. Elle February 9, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    I *love* your description of swimmers. My husband has always made fun of my ankles, but now I can tell him it’s a competitive advantage (or it was, anyway).

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