Summer Breeze: Makes me feel like finally writing

10 Jun

Hard to believe it’s been five months since I last wrote. Hard to believe how much can change in such a short period of time.

The Green Fingerprint Signature Letterpress thank you. Set of 6 : $14.00, includes shipping.

I recently had occasion to write lots of thank you notes, which are – by the way – kind of nice to write. In defense of writing thank you notes: (1) It’s therapeutic and, depending on what you’re thanking people for, cathartic. (2) The act of writing a thank you note implicitly requires a bit of selflessness. You’re not going to get anything in return, but you’re spending a minute thinking about how someone else did something nice for you. And let’s be honest: stamps are pricey. (3) It makes people feel good. I know I feel special when I receive a nicely written note, and who doesn’t love to get mail other than bills and invitations to kids’ birthday parties? (not that I don’t love those too, guys)

If I owe you a thank you, and you know who you are, I’m sorry – they’re on their way. Add this to the list of things I should do more frequently. Oh, and I’ll be using the GF Signature letterpress thank you notes. But don’t worry – I’m not expecting anything in return. Now go listen to some Seals & Crofts. It’s windy here, and this summer breeze makes me feel like finally writing.


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