“It is resolved…”

19 Jan

It’s a new year (well, it has been for a few weeks), and while I always manage to make and break these annual challenges, I’m committed this year to one major resolution: live more simply and sustainably. This resolution seems especially appropriate given the economic and environmental climate (forgive the pun). It’s time for me to really throw myself into this “doing more with less” lifestyle. I think what I’ll find is that I actually have more than I know.

When I look around our home, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of “things” we have: old clothes, ratty t-shirts, mail, perfectly good, but seldom used blankets, books and boxes, boxes, boxes. We move every two or three years, and we tend to accumulate, rather than shed, our belongings.

It’s counter-intuitive. After all, my sister recently used her move across the country into an apartment 1,000+ square feet smaller than her old house to pare down. She sold and gave away tons of stuff, which freed her up to be organized and streamlined and now allows her to actually use what she has. My problem is that in the rush to unpack, I tend to shove some mystery boxes in the garage or fill a closet with old clothes or scatter our seasonal items throughout our space. Consequently, I have all these things, but they’re not immediately accessible. What’s the point of owning something if you don’t use it? Wouldn’t it be incredible to, every year, use every item you own?

Following the earthquake last week, I’m particularly moved to purge and donate what I don’t use (and what might be needed by someone else), to buy only what needs to be replaced or consumed, and to try to choose goods and practices and companies that are as sustainable as possible.

Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

I’m starting small this week, by using old magazines that have piled up to create homemade Valentines for my friends and family. Don’t donate your old mags to the library just yet – stay tuned for pics of my idea on Friday!


One Response to ““It is resolved…””

  1. Molly January 21, 2010 at 4:20 pm #

    I am right there with you. I am only buying what really needs to be replaced or consumed. The last thing this household needs is more “stuff.”

    On a side note: I watched a full episode of Hoarders this week. Scary show. I cannot imagine living that way. These people need to get on the green bandwagon too!

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