Free Design Friday (on Monday) : Happy Birthday to You!

21 Sep

For a friend’s birthday last week, several of us pooled our resources and gave Molly (regular contributor to the G|F blog via her generous comments) a gift card to Saks. We’re hoping she’ll treat herself to a new pair of jeans. I can personally attest to her hard work, given that I see her jogging down our street – baby in the BOB stroller – on a daily basis. I was in charge of the card, and – busy a week as it was – I searched (in vain) for a card to convey the right message. Bought something simple with a cool photo and added the insert that I’ve since converted into a downloadable birthday card for Free Design Friday. There are two versions : one “from US” and one “from ME.”

"Treat yourself to something special"

"Treat yourself to something special"

Gift cards have become a convenient alternative to the searching (and returning) that frequently results from having to give a gift. And I thought the idea of a group gift card – for a much larger amount than I could have given on my own – definitely beat me searching through the sale rack at Banana Republic for a random “final sale” item that may or may not fit my friend (thanks for coming up with the idea, Allison). My suggestion : get a few friends together, throw in twenty or thirty bucks each, and give someone something substantial.

That they’ll actually use.

This week, you’ll get two-designs-for-the-FREE-price-of-one because I missed last week as well. Tres delinquent – I blame it on Tailhook. Anyway, click for the design, download the .PDF, print, cut and fold. Voila! Two gift card cards you can use to convey the perfect birthday message.

Happy Friday on Monday (and Happy Birthday to the recipients of this week’s free design!).


2 Responses to “Free Design Friday (on Monday) : Happy Birthday to You!”

  1. Pauline Salois Gillespie September 21, 2009 at 8:29 pm #

    Very cool. Thanks for this. It will come in handy!

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