Viral Marketing 102 : Twitter? Really?

9 Aug

In the week since I posted my initial rant on viral marketing, we’ve begun to see some results. In the same way that it took approximately six hours to receive our first phone call as a result of our Google AdWords account, the pace at which information disseminates via Twitter, Facebook, etc is astonishing (to me, anyway).

Our viral logo, as seen on Etsy, Twitter and Facebook.

Our viral logo, as seen on Etsy, Twitter and Facebook.

Our tried-and-true Chief Marketing Officer (yes, she has a title – and no, Bijal, it didn’t take three or four months for us to decide you deserved one!) has been hard at work searching for leads via Twitter. Who knew this website, whose founders couldn’t figure out how to harness the profit-making power of millions of people “tweeting,” could help make a profit for us?

In one short week, we’ve had inquiries from multiple companies, publications, websites and blogs. I’m putting together samples for Rachelle at SoFabuluxe, a contact made through the wonderful world of 140 character updates, who will (hopefully!) showcase our goods for her brides. I’d say more, but I’m afraid to jinx it. I promise to keep you updated when things are set in stone; but in the meantime, from one skeptic to the rest of you : I’m a believer.

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One Response to “Viral Marketing 102 : Twitter? Really?”

  1. rachelle jones August 10, 2009 at 6:42 pm #

    Thanks for the l.o.v.e. I think you have a great product that brides will love and so will their planners! Eco-chic is the new luxe!

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