Ideal Bite NEEDS to know GREEN|FINGERPRINT, right?

13 Jul
Tom vR - in GREEN and at the grill

Tom vR - in GREEN and at the grill

Tom vR, brother-in-law and beloved member of our BoD, tipped us off to the site and blog of Ideal Bite. The site headlines as “bite-sized ideas for light green living,” and its tag line describes Ideal Bite as “a sassier shade of green.”

Well, we’re green AND we’re sassy, so this kind of seemed like a perfect fit. As the recovering academic of the group, I did a little research.

I love that Ideal Bite’s aim is not to levy an environmentalist guilt trip, but to “connect enlightened companies with responsible consumers.” For those of you still reading: YES, I picked up on the fact that GF is – hello! – enlightened! (see title of this post)

“Being green” is necessary today; but while many of us recognize this, most of us don’t research environmentally conscious products for a living. We have jobs, families, floors to vacuum (reminds me…), dogs to walk and Fair Trade coffee to brew.

Which is why a site like Ideal Bite is, well, ideal.

I just signed up for the daily tips, but have no love from the “Add our tips to your site” widget. Yet. Project for the week: put together a package for Ideal Bite so they can (cross your fingers) showcase our very green tree-free thank you notes, recycled announcements and eco-friendly line of invitations. Happy browsing!


One Response to “Ideal Bite NEEDS to know GREEN|FINGERPRINT, right?”

  1. greenfingerprint July 14, 2009 at 8:04 pm #

    Received an email from Ideal Bite in response to this post. The widget tool on their site finally loaded, so now we can all have daily “light green” tips on our Facebook pages. Not sure what was happening, but all’s well now!

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